Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Our Running Programs

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Our Running Programs

Are you wanting to start running, new to running or already a runner but working towards a specific running goal? Perhaps you just need some motivation to keep you going through winter. Whatever your goal, a running program might be just what you need to help get you there. 

Following a running program is a great way to keep motivated and stay on track towards a goal. Motivation is such an important part of reaching a running goal, or any exercise goal for that matter. We start off feeling inspired and full of energy and after a week or two, we start to find any excuse out there to skip a run - I know the feeling! This is where having a plan and committing to it can really help. Put your program somewhere you can see it, cross your runs off as you go, keep yourself accountable and celebrate every step you make towards your end goal. 

By planning out your runs, you can also make sure you are progressing gradually and balancing out your load across your weeks and months. Load management is something most people really struggle with and it’s one of the key factors in injury prevention. By following a program, you take away that temptation to run a bit too far or fast one day and accidentally overload yourself. You also ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to build endurance so you can feel confident and enjoy the process, rather than cramming the kilometres in at the end. 

The programs I have designed for Our Pilates are all 10 week programs. They each consist of 3 runs, 2 Pilates classes and one stretching session per week. Having been a runner myself for most of my life and working with running clients for most of my career, I’ve based these programs on science and experience. The runs increase gradually over the 10 weeks and each program includes 2 deload weeks (weeks where the runs are shorter and easier for your body to recover). The programs should feel challenging, but enjoyable and if you are new to running, you may find yourself hooked by the end. 

The accompanying Pilates classes are there to support you and help to strengthen and lengthen your muscles as you progress through the program. If you want to know more about how Pilates helps with running, read my blog on HOW PILATES HELPS WITH RUNNING

The good news about these programs is that they are flexible! Use them as a guide, but if you need to switch your days or classes around that is completely fine. As a general rule, have a day off running in between runs and have a rest day after your long run, apart from that you can move things around to suit your schedule each week.

A few key points about using the programs:

  • If you are new to running, start with the 5km program
  • If you are finding your program difficult, you can repeat a week
  • If you’ve left things a little late, you can shrink the programs down to 8 weeks (see the bottom of this blog post)
  • If you are already running, you can start any of the programs part-way through 
  • Follow the warm up and cool down mini classes in the Running Category on Our Pilates with every run - it will make such a difference! They’re short and sharp and can be done anywhere, you dont need a mat!
  • If you are pulling up sore or something doesn’t feel right, see a physio sooner rather than later. It is always best to nip a niggle in the bud than let it become an injury that stops you from running. 

How to shrink our programs down to 8 weeks:
5km: Remove weeks 4 and 9
10km: Remove weeks 2 and 6
21km: Remove weeks 2 and 6

Running is a huge passion of mine, I love to run and I really love to help others run. If you have any questions about our programs, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via our DM’s or email hello@ourpilates.com.au.

Love Han x


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