Upgrading Your Home Pilates Space

Upgrading Your Home Pilates Space

Upgrading your home Pilates space

Han McKimm

For a little while there we may have thought that at-home exercise was just a way to get through lockdown, but as we head into the spring of 2023, it’s safe to say that working out from home is here to stay. The convenience, cost-effectiveness and results of exercising from home are hard to argue with and even if you do go to a studio once or twice a week, chances are you are also doing one or two workouts from home in between. 

So, as we shift out of winter, it’s time to refresh your workout space to bring some motivation and excitement to your exercise routine. Here are a few easy ideas to try to bring a little bit of the studio experience to your own home:

  • Fresh flowers and indoor plants: it’s still too cold to exercise outside, but we can bring a little bit of nature indoors to brighten up our space. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive, any little indoor plant will do the trick. We know that greenery and exercise both really help our mental health, so maximise the benefits of both at once and reap more than just the physical effects of exercise. 
  • Music: have some speakers nearby that you can play your favourite podcast or music through while you do your class. There is nothing better than a good tune to accompany your Pilates class and boost your motivation. Message us to find out Han’s favourite Pilates playlists!
  • Clear some space: you don’t need a huge amount of floor space to do a mat Pilates class, but try to make it clutter-free to feel mentally clear. This includes nearby surfaces (coffee table, bedside tables etc) so that you’re not looking around at ‘jobs’ while you do your class. 
  • Source some equipment: set yourself up with a proper Pilates mat so that you approach your class with purpose. If you can get your hands on any other equipment, such as resistance bands, a foam roller or a Pilates ball, this will also help to make your space feel dedicated to exercise and get you in the zone. 
  • Use a lamp rather than ceiling lights: one of my pet hates when doing Pilates in down lights! They are so bright and uncomfortable, using a floor or table lamp instead will be so much more comfortable and enjoyable while you lie on your back.
  • Scent: candles or room sprays can be a really lovely way to amplify your experience and make you feel like you’ve just walked into a beautiful yoga or Pilates studio. Smell is such an important sense and can really help to set the tone for your class. 

These are just a few ideas Han has used to help get in the zone while working out from home. We’d love to hear if you have any other ideas that have worked for you and your own home-workout space, you can DM @ourpilates or email hello@ourpilates.com.au

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